If your hair is thinning or balding, chances are you have noticed other men on the street who are going through the same issues. Thirty percent of men start balding before the age of 30, and fifty percent of men start balding before the age of 50. But why is it that balding differs from man to man? The answer lies in the different areas of the head that men experience balding.

The two most common areas where men lose hair are their frontal hair lines and their head’s vertex. Dr. Ryan Welter’s Male Hair Loss Classification chart, as shown below, demonstrates the different stages of balding. Many men start recession in the front part of their hair. The balding parts on both sides of the frontal hair line, making a ‘v’ formation. This type of hair loss can be embarrassing for some men, as it is prominently displayed in the front of the head and can’t be covered by a baseball cap. Balding on the head’s vertex is no less disconcerting for balding men. While a baseball cap can cover hair loss on the top of the head in certain situations, it is very difficult to hide balding at work or other formal occasions. And any view from above the head – even those from taller people – can expose the balding areas.

Fortunately, there are solutions for both frontal and vertex balding. Hair transplants are a safe, effective way to restore hair. And the hair restoration methods at New England Center for Hair Restoration are second to none.

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