Dr. Welter earned his medical degree at the University of Oklahoma and his Doctorate in Biochemistry and Molecular biology at Oklahoma State University. He completed his Residency at Brown University where he remained a clinical Associate Professor in Medicine until 2019.

In 2005 Dr. Welter specialized in hair restoration and founded the New England Center for Hair Restoration which has become a leading center for hair restoration surgery in the United States. He pioneered the use of microFUE using sub-millimeter punches to extract individual follicles with precision minimal trauma increasing harvest yields and resulting in better transplant outcomes.

Dr. Welter was one of the first adopters of cellular therapy for hair with the use of activated platelet rich plasma in 2006 to stimulate hair growth for both men and women. And in 2011 he began the use of stromal vascular fraction treatment for hair loss using autologous derived stem cells to stimulate the follicular niche to progress to anagen (essentially getting weaker hairs to strengthen to protect them from further hair loss). This approach to hair loss continues to be researched and applied clinically today with increasing promise.

His background in biochemistry and molecular biology has placed him in a unique position as he merged his clinical practice in hair restoration with his interests in regenerative medicine, allowing him to explore clinical applications for his patients that might otherwise be unavailable. Inspired by the success and promise of regenerative medicine, Dr. Welter founded Regeneris Medical in 2010 which focuses on cell based therapies, longevity, health, wellness and beauty.

He has had the pleasure of being mentored by some of the top physicians and scientists in the hair restoration, cosmetic surgery, longevity and regenerative landscapes and he remains committed to compiling the latest evidence based approach to his practice of medicine and his surgical techniques to help as many people as possible achieve the best possible medical and cosmetic outcomes.

Member of FUE Asia, FUE Europe

Founding member of the Global Hair Loss Summit

Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration

Dr. John Breda is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in science and medicine. He received his MD from the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 1996. Dr. Breda completed his residency at Miriam and Rhode Island Hospital and Brown University.

Dr. Breda is listed in “Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare”, and “Who’s Who in Science and Engineering”. “Who’s Who…” is a publication dedicated to showcasing the biographies and achievements of successful professionals in the fields of medicine, science, and more.

Aside from his excellence in medicine, Dr. Breda is also an accomplished classical concert musician, who played clarinet in the Boston Pops and Boston Symphony. Dr. Breda is a woodwind instrument craftsman and an Instrument-rated pilot.

His devotion to medicine and passion for artistry led Dr. Breda to the world of hair restoration. He truly understands the level of attention to detail and care that must go into each and every hair restoration procedure. Dr. Breda’s vast medical expertise, high standard of patient care, and surgical skills are invaluable assets to NE Hair.

I found this place through a Facebook advertisement and I must say, I am so happy to of gone through an FUE procedure! I feel like a new person and it was so worth the price! I was in and out in about 8 hours and the procedure was not felt at all. On top of that a they guarantee their work. If you are somebody struggling with receding hairline issues, trust me go through with it and look forward to the difference it will make in your life! I look back on old photos and am so glad I got the procedure done because the difference is amazing