Many individuals experience thinning hair as a result of factors such as age and genetics. Although it may be a natural occurrence, that does not mean you need to tolerate it. Fortunately, SVF procedures offer a natural way to restore your lost hair, and continue looking your best. At New England Center for Hair Restoration, we provide SVF procedures to residents of Boston and the surrounding New England communities. Learn more about this procedure today.

What is SVF?

Stromal vascular fraction is a revolutionary technology that allows our physicians to extract the largest concentration of mesenchymal stem cells available today. The method removes the cells from fat in the body, rather than blood or bone marrow. These cells work to send chemical signals to the areas of the scalp. The cells are extracted using a minimally-invasive liposuction method that does not involve significant downtime or visible scarring afterward.

How Much Does SVF Cost?

The cost of all SVF treatments is determined on an individual basis. This allows us to tailor treatment to the individual’s needs. We will calculate your unique pricing during your consultation. During this time, we can also discuss your preferred payment method, as well as any interest in our convenient financing options through CareCredit® or Union Medical Credit.

Am I a Good Candidate for SVF?

If you are experiencing hair loss and would prefer a safe, minimally invasive and natural solution to regrowing your hair, you could be a good candidate for SVF. However, the best way to determine your candidacy is to schedule a consultation.

What Happens During a SVF Procedure?

Use of stem cells and SVF to treat hair loss is the best non-invasive technique to unlock the power of your cells to grow hair. During your procedure, mesenchymal stem cells are extracted from fat in the body. These cells are then re-injected into the treatment area, where they prompt the body’s ability to regrow new, healthy hair.

What is Recovery Like After a SVF Procedure?

One of the best aspects of SVF is that it requires minimal downtime and recovery. This allows you the ability to return to your daily activities far sooner than you would after a more invasive procedure. However, all recovery is highly dependent upon the individual, and we will discuss the specifics of your recovery during your consultation.

How Long Will My SVF Results Last?

Although results will vary depending on the individual, we strive to offer procedures that create results you can enjoy for the long-term. During your consultation, we will speak with you regarding what you can expect from your SVF results.

At New England Center for Hair Restoration, we provide only the most innovative and effective hair restoration treatments to residents of Boston, Providence, Westwood, Canton and Attleboro. If you are experiencing hair loss and are ready to learn more, we are here to help. Simply contact our office today to schedule your consultation. 

I found this place through a Facebook advertisement and I must say, I am so happy to of gone through an FUE procedure! I feel like a new person and it was so worth the price! I was in and out in about 8 hours and the procedure was not felt at all. On top of that a they guarantee their work. If you are somebody struggling with receding hairline issues, trust me go through with it and look forward to the difference it will make in your life! I look back on old photos and am so glad I got the procedure done because the difference is amazing