Let’s be totally honest, ladies. Long, lush eyelashes matter, right? That’s one feature we all try so hard to perfect on a daily basis because most of us were not blessed with long, thick lashes. Wouldn’t it be heavenly to wake up every day with gorgeous, natural eyelashes? There is only a single way to achieve that goal. The FDA has given the one green light to Latisse®, a prescription lash-growth serum. No other formula can compete or produce those incredible results. The simple cosmetic treatment is applied once at nighttime. It’s safe and works, and that is why millions of women have tried it.

Scientifically-Based Serum

The treatment performs in a very unique way that has the backing of science behind it. Our lashes like the hair on our head have a growth cycle. Latisse® is able to affect the growth cycle and interrupt its hibernation phase. In other words, the serum increases the length of the lash growth cycle, and second, it increases the number of hairs in this phase. Plenty of studies have been conducted on the prescription drug, and the results are mind-blowing.

Patience is required when using the lash growth serum as it takes a few weeks to start noticing the effects. Latisse® performs at a gradual but steady pace. After a few months, most patients go on a maintenance routine, and apply the product two or three times a week.

How to Use the Treatment

Latisse® is applied once a day at nighttime to each upper eyelid only. Each prescription is packaged with a 30-day supply and 60 disposable applicator brushes. It is a safe and easy process. For example, apply one drop to the sterile applicator and brush it gently on the eyelid. Then, throw out the applicator. Repeat the same step for your other eyelid with a new brush applicator and you’re done!

Get In Touch with Us for More Information

Maybe your lashes are sparse or just not long enough, but that’s why we have Latisse® available. If you’re excited to grow naturally long, lush eyelashes, fee free to reach out and make an appointment with the New England Center for Hair Restoration. At our convenient locations in North Attleboro and Westwood, our friendly team of aesthetic experts is well-versed in the Latisse® treatment and can explain what the serum can do for you. Contact us today to set up your consultation!