The field of hair restoration has taken another huge leap forward, as scientists at at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City and the University of Durham have generated new hair follicles that grow human hair.

How does this differentiate between the stem cell work we are doing at New England Center for Hair Restoration? We are researching the application of mesenchymal stem cells for autologous use in growing hair — that is taking stem cells that can differentiate into hair and injecting them in the scalp on the same person on the same day. They are researching the use of taking stem cells from hair follicles and growing them over time and re-injecting into the skin for stimulating growth. It may be that a combination of processes is needed to achieve the best results. Since mesenchymal stem cells from fat are so abundant and stem cells from the hair follicle less abundant, a process using bulb stem cells from hair to help commit other stem cells from fat might be quicker and safer.  

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