One of potential hair transplant patients’ biggest concerns is if the procedure is a safe one that won’t affect their overall health. The notion of physically inserting new hairs into your head is still foreign to many people, so their concerns about hair transplants’ safety is relatively normal. Fortunately, hair restoration is a completely safe procedure, so much so that many of our patients can return to work the very next day.

Why Hair Transplants are Safe – Doctor, Method, Results

Hair transplants done at New England Center for Hair Restoration, serving Providence RI, and Boston, MA, are done manually and meticulously to ensure our patients’ utmost comfort and well-being under the supervision of Ryan Welter MD PhD. While other centers often use machines to extract and dissect follicular units en masse, we take our time with hair transplants using our unique microFUE graft by graft technique. Additionally, the hair restoration procedure is painless and efficient, meaning you can enjoy music, movies, or whatever else you like during surgery. The combination of Dr. Welter’s extensive training and his microFUE technique not only ensure safety — they ensure results in the form of lots of new growth and new hair!

The NE Hair Safety Distinction

The day after our surgeries, hair transplant recipients are asked to come back to NE Hair to have their hair washed and transplanted grafts checked. This process ensures the patients’ care and gives them instructions on how to handle their hair in the days after the procedure. Patients then have the choice of coming to our center daily for hair wash if they are not confident in washing their own hair after surgery. Our surgery is painless even after the procedure.