Which comes first – stress or hair loss? Either way, we can help you restore your balding hair at NE Hair. 

Stress causing hair loss is a vicious cycle. While initial stress may cause your hair to fall out, balding can add even more stress to a man or woman’s life, ultimately causing more hair loss. So how do you deal with stress to ensure your hair stays in tact? Here are some tips from NE Hair

Relax, Know that Balding from Stress is only Temporary

While stress can most certainly cause hair to fall out, the results are rarely permanent. The main causes for permanent hair loss are mostly due to genetics and age; hair loss caused by stress can regrow with a more relaxed lifesytle. When you lose hair from stress, you aren’t destroying the hair at the follicle, where it cannot grow back. It should be noted, however, that long-term stress can accelerate permanent balding.

Don’t Pull Your Hair!

A bad habit many stressed people fall into is the act of literally pulling their hair. While the act may be unconscious, it is important to stop yourself from pulling hairs, as doing so can damage the strands at the root, sometimes causing permanent damage.

Know that Permanent Solutions are Available

If worst comes to absolute worst and you cannot stop the stress in your life that’s causing you to lose your hair, know that there will always be permanent solutions available. Hair transplant surgeries are a popular and highly effective new way to restore your hair for a lifetime. And no one has a better reputation for restoring clients’ hair than New England Center for Hair Restoration.

If you are tired of losing hair due to stress, take action. Call NE Hair to schedule your free hair consultation at (855) 563 4247, (855) 5NEHAIR today.