Looking to maintain shiny, healthy hair? Oddly enough, you may want to start mixing beer with your shampoo in your hair washing routine.

Beer is made from barley and hops, which are rich natural sources of the vitamins and proteins necessary for proper hair growth. So when mixed with shampoo, beer can actually aid in developing thicker, fuller, and healthier hair.

Beer’s Aid in Hair Health

While no official scientific studies have been conducted to prove the correlation between beer and healthier hair, the nutritional properties of barley and hops lead many to believe that beer can enhance the hair already on your head, leading it to be shinier and thicker. As we mentioned in our blog about Healthy Meals that Can Aid in Hair Growth, protein is one of the most important factors for maintaining healthy hair, as hair is made up of 97% protein. So it should come as no surprise that some shampoos already include beer in their formula to give consumers the fuller, healthier hair they want. It should be noted, however, that beer does not stimulate hair growth; rather, it helps to aid the hair that is already on your head.

How to Use Beer to Help Your Own Hair Growth

While purchasing shampoos that already incorporate beer into their formulas is a popular option for people looking to give their hair an extra boost, using your own beer in addition to your regular shampoo is also an effective means of promoting hair health. After washing your hair and rinsing, apply the beer before rinsing again. If you regularly wash your hair with beer, be sure to boil out the alcohol and let the beer cool ahead of time, as the alcohol can dry out your scalp. You should see improvement within one-to-two weeks, as the beer is aiding the hair that is already on your head.

Can Drinking Beer Help with My Hair Health?

Technically, drinking beer could aid in the overall health of your hair. But the amount of beer you would have to drink for an effect to take place would simply not be worth the calories. You are better off eating hair healthy meals, such as those listed on our blog.