Today, scientists have discovered dozens of potential uses for stem cells from treating cancers to repairing the spinal column after injury. More practically for millions of Americans, stem cells can now be used to restore the hair when baldness or thinning of the hair has occurred. At New England Center For Hair Restoration, serving North Attleborough and the surrounding areas, we have helped hundreds of clients achieve beautiful, natural-looking results with stem cell hair therapy. This may even be able to benefit you.

To understand how stem cell hair therapy works in your hair, you must first understand what stem cells are. These tiny cells are basically the beginning cells that can grow into a variety of different cells throughout your body. This is why they can be used in so many areas of the body to regenerate new cells and tissues. They do this by growing and dividing. Stem cells naturally heal the body by moving into adult tissues, such as the scalp, and replenishing old, worn-out or dying cells.

Much of the discussion over stem cells in medicine has revolved around embryonic stem cells taken from human embryos before they develop into fetuses. However, you must remember that much research still uses non-embryonic stem cells. Non-embryonic stem cells are what we use in hair therapy. We take cells from the tissue that has the richest sources of stem cells in your body.

Once we have obtained the stem cells, we use them in your scalp to activate stem cells that are already in those tissues. This allows us to treat baldness and hair thinning. The hair follicle itself is made up of connective tissues along with blood capillaries, and the stem cells can differentiate into new connective tissues.

This treatment is non-surgical in nature. While results cannot be guaranteed, we still see many patients in North Attleborough who are excited about stem cell hair therapy because it is so safe. Because it uses your cells derived from your own body, there is no risk of an allergic reaction. This is a natural solution that can provide natural-looking results.

Another reason why this treatment is so well-loved is that it does not come with any real downtime. You will immediately be able to go about your usual activities, although you may be given some instructions for follow-up care.

If you are a man or a woman tired of struggling with baldness or thinning spots on your scalp, turn to our stem cell hair therapy treatments at New England Center For Hair Restoration in North Attleborough. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!