When dissecting men’s hair loss, it is important to determine patterns based on racial and ethnic backgrounds. Today, we will be focusing on hair loss in the Asian male and how Asian males in Massachusetts and Rhode Island can restore their balding or thinning hair.

Asian males have very round hair follicles and thick hair shafts, giving them straight hair that appears to be very dense. Asian males also have longer hair cycles, meaning the growth period of individual hairs can last up to nine years (in other races, the typical cycle is two-to-seven years). Further, Asian hair tends to grow between roughly nine and 30 percent faster than that of other races. Studies have shown that Asian men who smoke are more likely to experience hair loss.

Perhaps the most interesting fact about hair loss for Asian men is that although their risk for hair loss increases with age, it does so at a lower rate than that of Caucasian males. Hence, if you are an Asian male who is balding are within the vicinity of Massachusetts or Rhode Island, you may wish to consider a hair restoration surgery at New England Center for Hair Restoration.

Hair transplants are a safe, effective procedure that can restore an Asian male’s hair to its natural state. And with personalized treatment and meticulous attention to detail, New England Center for Hair Restoration is an ideal location to get the exact treatment needed for your hair loss.