The link between your diet and the health of your entire body has been demonstrated time and time again. It probably comes as no surprise to you, then, that there is a connection between the foods that you eat and the health of your hair. Likewise, there is a connection between the lack of certain nutrients and hair loss. As you explore your hair loss treatment options, you will want to bear in mind the important role that diet can play in the health of your hair, both currently and if you decide to undergo hair transplant surgery.

At New England Center for Hair Restoration in Boston, hair loss and diet are among the topics discussed with prospective hair transplant patients during confidential consultations with our experienced surgeons. The more you understand about the health of your hair, the better able you will be to maintain the results of your surgery. Just as importantly, by improving your diet, you will benefit from improved whole body health, which will also have benefits for your hair, your confidence, and your overall outlook on life.

If you are just now beginning to lose your hair and you have happened upon this blog post while researching ways to slow down or stop your hair loss, then we have potentially good news for you. If your hair loss is related to a poor diet, then improving your diet may actually help you to preserve and restore health to your remaining hair. While a poor diet is rarely the sole cause of hair loss, it is frequently a contributing factor. By eliminating that factor, you may see improvements in your hair.

Whatever the underlying cause of your hair loss, if you are interested in regaining a full head of hair, we invite you to meet with one of our acclaimed hair restoration specialists at your earliest convenience.

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