For years, people have depended on Rogaine® and hair transplant surgery to fight hair loss. Now a new, non-surgical treatment plan is available. Stem cell therapy can help regenerate hair. You are warmly invited to learn all about how stem cell therapy leads to new hair growth.

About Stem Cells

Stem cells are no longer the controversy that they used to be. Modern stem cell treatments all use stem cells that come from the patient themselves. These stem cells are then transplanted to the treatment area.

Other Types of Hair Restoration

Laser Treatment  

In addition to stem cells, laser treatment is a relatively new procedure as well. This procedure works by re-energizing the hair follicles, causing them to begin growing again.


Those suffering from vitamin H, or biotin, deficiency will experience hair loss. A biotin supplement is all that could be needed for these patients.


Male and female versions of Rogaine® exist. This product is only good for genetic male or female pattern baldness.

Hair Transplants  

Individual follicle extraction is just one of the exciting forms of hair restoration. Consult a specialist to determine if you require this type of procedure.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

Stem cells work because they are the building blocks of all cells, meaning they can transform into any other cell in the body. Any cell that a stem cell is placed beside will be mimicked by the stem cell. The stem cell can either multiply into more stem cells or adapt to its surroundings. This means when placed in the hair with a hair follicle, it will make the follicle begin growing again. It is one of the most innovative uses for stem cells to date, and one of the best treatment options for any type of hair loss.

Seek a Consultation

Our team at New England Center For Hair Restoration can answer any questions you have about stem cell therapy and the procedure itself. You don’t have to undergo an invasive procedure to regrow your hair, even if other methods of hair restoration have failed. Contact us today to book an appointment at our office in North Attleboro or Westwood. We look forward to hearing from you!