Hair loss just happens sometimes. Thinning hair can happen if you take great care of yourself, put the right foods into your body, and pump yourself full of water and vitamins every day of your life. While thinning hair may feel like it is the end of your golden days, there may be a legitimate reason for your hairline’s demise. Your hair may be thinning due to genetics, age, or a disease. Fortunately, hair regrowth may be possible due to a cutting-edge medical advancement that involves the use of your own cells. If you are interested in learning more about it, here are a few of the many things to expect when obtaining cell therapy hair restoration in Boston.

1) Cell therapy hair restoration utilizes stem cells and platelet-rich plasma derived from your own blood. While in your physician’s office, a medical professional will take a small sample of your blood. From there, the cells will be derived and then injected directly into your scalp.

2) Cell therapy hair restoration will help to regrow your hair in addition to healing your hair follicles. Hair follicles tend to die after an extended dormancy. Cell therapy will regrow your hair as it simultaneously fosters long-term results through follicle health and stimulation.

3) Hair regrowth methods typically lead to regrowth of thin and brittle hair. Cell therapy, however, works to regenerate hair that is thicker, stronger, healthier, fuller, and shinier than before your hairline began to recede.

4) Cell therapy hair restoration only requires a few short office visits before it begins working its magic. Additionally, you will only require minimal aftercare for maintenance purposes. In fact, if you happen to skip a visit, your hair regrowth progress will not be lost.

5) The cell therapy hair restoration process is swift and also relatively painless. While it does involve the use of injections, you will only feel mild scalp tenderness for a couple of days after the completion of your procedure.

Hair loss may occur due to hormonal imbalances, other underlying health problems, vitamin deficiencies, stress, age, or genetics. Whatever the root cause of your thinning hair, your confidence is likely to take the largest hit. If you are considering cell therapy hair restoration in Boston, consult with us at the New England Center for Hair Restoration. We would be happy to help! Our offices are located in North Attleborough and Westwood, MA.