Full, natural eyebrows are a great asset to have. They help you look youthful, balance your features, and are attractive on every face shape. Unfortunately, many of us did not hit the genetic jackpot for amazing brows, and some of us plucked or waxed ours away. A medical condition can also contribute to eyebrow hair loss. The only true cosmetic option that delivers real brow growth is eyebrow restoration. It’s becoming a very popular procedure because it’s safe, fast, and creates the perfect eyebrows for you.

Long-Lasting Results Can Be Expected

According to aesthetic experts, an eyebrow restoration should last you a lifetime. The transplanted hair will continue thriving as it would anywhere else on your body. It will take about four to six months to notice your new brow hairs growing. In addition, you can expect some shedding or fall out of your new transplanted hairs a few weeks post-surgery. This is natural, and your brow hair will begin to grow again at the two-month mark.

Natural, full brows can enhance your face at any age. You can even get away with less makeup when you have gorgeous eyebrows. If you’re tired of penciling them in or going the microbladed route, it may be time to consider an eyebrow restoration with our highly skilled team of experts here at NewHair.

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