This week wed like to introduce you to our Clinical Research Division, who are currently at the forefront of clinical testing for cellular therapies. Clinical testing includes volunteer patients and is managed by Gabrielle Lewis, our Director of Clinical Research, under the leadership of Dr. Ryan Welter.

About Clinical Research

The term clinical research refers to studies or trials that are done in people who volunteer to receive experimental treatments. However, clinical research is just one part of the process that brings a new therapy from the laboratory to the pharmacy.

“In order for clinical trials to take place for a new therapy or drug, drug developers must submit an application to the FDA. The drug developer must show that the new therapy or drug has demonstrated, during the pre-clinical research stage, that its likely to enhance patient care. The clinical trials may begin if the FDA approves it,” Ms. Lewis explains. “As members of the Clinical Research Division of Regeneris Medical, we are proud to be a part of this process by conducting clinical trials for a number of cellular therapies being developed by various drug developers.”

Click this link to learn more from the FDA website about clinical trials, their phases and the roles of patient volunteers:

Our Volunteers

Most importantly, the success of our clinical trials relies heavily on patient volunteers! The Clinical Research Division at Regeneris Medical extends a big THANK YOU to those who have generously given their time for the greater good of health care. Without clinical trial volunteers, many advances in quality healthcare would not be possible.

Regeneris Medical’s Clinical Research In The News

Click here to see Regeneris Medicals Clinical Research Division featured on CBS TV:

Next week we will continue the conversation by discussing the importance of summertime skin care. Future posts will discuss some of our other interests, including cellular therapies for orthopedic, cosmetic, and more. Stay tuned!