Patients receive hair transplants for a variety of reasons. Aesthetics are a meaningful part of many of our patients’ lives, and the reasons for this importance extend well beyond vanity.


Many people get by the day-to-day struggles of balding by wearing a baseball cap, but that’s not something they can do at formal events like weddings. When patients want to look good in important photos that will be a part of their family’s history forever, they often , seek out hair transplants at New England Center for Hair Restoration.

Balding Bachelors

Single men never know when they will meet a woman that can change their lives. Whether at a bar or simply walking their kids at a local park, bachelors always keep an eye out for beautiful women .The problem for many balding men, however, is the fear of running into a situation where they cannot wear a hat. So to prevent the fear of having their heads exposed, many single men choose hair transplants at New England Center for Hair Restoration.


Charisma and charm have led many business men to successful careers. But when men begin losing their hair, they also begin to lose some of the magic that lead them to their achievements. Appearance is often a bigger part of confidence than most people think. Many businessmen choose New England Center for Hair Restoration to restore their hair and the confidence that goes with it.

Women Going Through Menopause

Women who begin menopause often experience significant hair loss and thinning at a rapid rate. Roughly 40% of women experience hair loss or thinning during menopause, and the psychological effects of losing hair can be very damaging to any woman. Hair is a universal symbol of beauty, and the loss of it can be incredibly demoralizing.

To combat their rapid hair loss caused by menopause, many women choose New England Center for Hair Restoration for their hair restoration process.


Many men wish they could restore their hair but can’t justify spending the money to do so. So some patients receive hair transplants as a gift. Wives, girlfriends, and children have afforded the men in their lives the gift of hair for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.