At New England Center for Hair Restoration, we pride ourselves on helping patients in the greater Boston area achieve the most natural results when it comes to treating baldness. We offer the latest techniques in male hair transplantation surgery, which translates into the most natural results possible when it comes to reversing hair loss.

How natural are the results of hair restoration surgery?

Very natural. The newest techniques in micro grafting and hair transplantation yield much better results than the hair plugs and techniques of the past. Rather than having noticeable grafts that are reminiscent of dolls hair, follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT) use small grafts that help facilitate natural distribution of hair and more natural results. While the technology and techniques are available to make a hairline appear natural, it takes attention to detail and true expertise to ensure optimal results. Below are some concerns that go into crafting a natural hairline for patients.

Looking at Old Photographs to Make the Hair Restoration as Natural as Possible

The best ways to ensure results look natural is to use a patients previous hairline and hair growth as a model. Your hair restoration doctor will consider your scalp in the present and look at old photos of you to note the way your hair grew. Restoration surgery will strive to place hair naturally, where it grew before, so you look your very best.

Staggering the Grafts for More Natural Results

If you look closely at your scalp, youll note that the follicles are not placed in straight rows and columns like a grid pattern. Instead, the hair is placed in a staggered or ragged sort of way that delineates the hairline. When restoring the hairline, the hair grafts will be placed in a staggered way in order to simulate the distribution and density of natural hair. This is especially important for the front of the hairline.

Shaping the Hairline Based on Gender

In general, men have hairlines that are lowest in the middle of the foreheads and highest at the corners of the forehead; women have hairlines that are lowest at the corners of the forehead and highest in the middle of the forehead. Taking these hairline differences into account can mean all the difference between a hairline that looks natural and one that looks artificial.

Considering Ethnicity and the Patients Hairline

A patients racial background can often define the most ideal sort of hairline for their needs. For instance, patients of African descent may be more inclined to having straighter hairlines than patients of Caucasian descent. The ethnicity of the patient will be considered in addition to previous photographs in order to make the surgical results as natural as possible.

Customizing the Hair Restoration to the Individual

The key to excellent results is customization, and ensuring that each patient at our practice is given careful consideration as an individual. By taking this approach and tailoring the surgery to the individual, the most natural results are possible.

Speak with the Team at New England Center for Hair Restoration

If you would like more information about hair restoration and how it may be the ideal option for you and your needs, be sure to contact our team of hair transplant surgeons and restoration specialists today. At New England Center for Hair Restoration, we will go over these matters in greater detail so you understand the entire treatment process.