If you want to look your best, its important to have a full head of hair. Balding, bald spots, and thinning can leave you looking older and feeling more self-conscious than you usually would. This is why undergoing hair loss treatment can be a crucial move in your life, allowing you to look your absolute best.

Many patients ask if their hair restoration results will be natural and realistic, which is an understandable concern. Let’s briefly examine how a natural hairline can be created right now.

About Hair Transplant Surgery

It may help to first look at what hair transplantation involves. Hair transplantation methods today involve the latest in grafting techniques, taking individual follicular units from a donor site and carefully positioning them on the scalp in order to achieve excellent results.

These follicular units are much smaller than the grafts that were used a generation ago, meaning that the results will be more seamless than the plugs of the past.

Defining the Hairline

When creating a hairline, it’s important that we note the dynamics of hair growth and hair placement on the scalp. If you were to examine your own hairline or thinning hairline, you’ll notice that there’s not a straight line. There’s a curvature to the hairline that follows the contours of the scalp and the skull. This is key when a hair restoration specialist wants to make the results of a surgery as seamless and natural as possible.

How We Create a Natural Hairline

When performing hair transplantation surgery, we keep in mind that the hairline is never a straight line but a curved one. Hair grafts are carefully distributed along the arc of the hairline to maintain this curve while also noting the importance of hair density.

Because the follicular units are so small, there is no worry about some parts of the hairline seeming more dense than others or unnaturally packed. The distribution along the bald areas will be a seamless continuation of your remaining hair.

Careful Placement of Grafts for Irregular Patterns

Beyond the needs of the hairline, however, it’s important that we stagger the hair so that some follicular units are in front of the hairline. This intentional break in the pattern of the hairline is subtle, but it will make a world of difference between an obvious hair restoration surgery and a seemingly natural head of hair. In a natural hairline, the same sort of staggering and irregularity occurs.

Correcting Previous Hair Transplant Surgery

Sometimes patients at other practices will undergo a hair restoration that they are unsatisfied with. This is usually because of results that are unrealistic and seem off. We are able to do corrective work for patients so that they look their best.

When doing these corrective procedures, we take the same approach we would to any restoration therapy: we note the natural curve of the hairline, we ensure proper density, and we use a method of careful distribution of grafts that adhere to the hairline but occasionally break the pattern for the sense of naturalness.

Learn More About Hair Restoration Treatment

For more information about your many different options out there for hair restoration and transplantation, be sure to contact our North Attleborough hair restoration clinic today. Our entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the best possible results regarding hair transplant surgery.