Ever wonder what hair dye, products and treatments do to your hair?

Dying and heat can cause damage to the structure of the hair fibers by alteration of the chemical bonds that naturally exist. By breaking or interfering with these bonds, fraying, loss of bounce and curl, and deteriorating hair health all result. Long-term damage can be avoided by taking care to avoid using chemical dyes or heat near the scalp where follicles can be permanently damaged. Hair extensions are almost universally bad for hair and can cause permanent thinning by a process known as traction alopecia. This irreversible form of hair loss occurs from the tension that hair extensions place on the scalp hair. Because of traction alopecia, hair extensions in general should be avoided or used for brief periods of time.

If you have damaged your hair or if you are suffering from hair loss there is usually always something that can be done. For most damaged hair, the solution can be as easy as stopping the insulting products or treatments. If the hair follicles are not damaged, new healthy hair will eventually replace the damaged hair. Be patient though! New hair can only come in at the rate which one grows hair, and it can take months to replace damaged hair.

If you experience hair loss, or if you suspect that you have caused damage to your follicles (that is to say that your new hair is not growing in healthy), you should consult the advice of a hair restoration specialist to diagnose and treat the problem. There are several medical the surgical options that exist for people with hair loss or permanently damaged follicles. Since all hair treatments take time to take affect and because follicles become less responsive to treatment sometimes when they age, people with hair loss or permanent damage need to find treatment as soon as possible to maximize therapy.

Dr. Ryan Welter is the founder of New England Center for Hair Restoration and a leader in the field of hair restoration. Follow him on Twitter @DrRyanWelter