A recently study conducted by the American Association for Cancer Research showed that men – African Americans in particular – who go bald at an early age may be at a higher risk for prostate cancer. EveryDayHealth.com, a leading provider of online health information, recently published a story on the topic and consulted NE Hair’sDr. Ryan Welter for insight as to why there is a correlation between the two.

“Although the link here is also unknown, higher levels of testosterone or of testosterone metabolites (such as DHEA) may be responsible,” Welter told the website. “I think that the data is showing a relationship between baldness and prostate cancer that goes well beyond coincidence. What is possible is that the baldness and the prostate cancer are the result of similar hormonal influences.”

Welter also added: “Baldness and prostate cancer incidence both increase with age, although the peak incidences are different with baldness occurring earlier, and prostate cancer later,” added Dr. Welter. “This could be fortunate if a more specific link is discovered because it could lead to better screening of prostate cancer by selecting men who are beginning to show signs of hair loss.”

To read the article in its entirety, visit http://www.everydayhealth.com/prostate-cancer/early-baldness-may-mean-early-prostate-cancer-in-african-american-men-6823.aspx.

Dr. Ryan Welter is the founder of New England Center for Hair Restoration and a leader in the field of hair restoration. Follow him on Twitter @DrRyanWelter