Has Kim Kardashian’s recent hair loss really been caused by her pregnancy? Popular entertainment site HollywoodLife.com recently wrote a story extensively covering the subject, which has been hot in the news these past few days. The site consulted New England Center for Hair Restoration’s chief surgeon, Dr. Ryan Welter, who said the star’s hair loss is caused by factors outside of pregnancy.

“Pregnancy induced hair loss has long been known to affect women during the postpartum period, although not every women notices thinning. The thinning experienced is usually global, meaning that it affects most of the hair on the scalp, not particular areas. Kim’s hair loss seems to be focal, which is more consistent with the trauma of using extensions, or possibly from the disease state of alopecia areata. It is possible that her recent pregnancy weakened her hair making her more susceptible.”

To read the article in its entirety, visit - http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/01/08/kim-kardashian-hair-loss-balding-extensions-experts/