In order for mans penis to function normally and sustain an erection, there must be proper desire, i.e., a stimulus to the brain, as well as an adequate blood supply to circulate to the nerves of the penis. Unfortunately many men around the world are familiar with symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction (ED), a condition which primarily makes it difficult for a man to sustain an erection.

Up to 30 Million US Men Have Erectile Dysfunction

Estimates by researchers of the number of American men who suffer from ED vary, but according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Kidney and Digestives Diseases (a division of the National Institute of Health [NIH]), up to 30 million men may suffer from ED. In addition, although its generally associated with aging, younger man can be affected as well. Statistically, researchers’ estimates break down the percentages of men in the United States who are affected by ED as follows:

    • 12% of men younger than 60
    • 22% of men ages 60 to 69
  • 30% of men age 70 or older (1)

Emotional Effects

ED can be devastating in that it can affect relationships, self-esteem and cause depression. As a result, men may find it a difficult topic to discuss with a medical professional. However, ED may be symptom of other health problems and should be addressed with a health care provider, such as a urologist, who will perform a medical and sexual history, a physical exam as well as blood and other tests to determine the causes of a patients ED.

Causes and Symptoms

Potential causes of ED are numerous and range from injury, stress and anxiety, feeling unattractive, depression, hormonal imbalances such as a low level of testosterone, excess weight, prostate surgery, over-consumption of alcohol, smoking, illegal drug use, to physical diseases such as high blood pressure and artherosclerosis. In addition, prescription medications such as diuretics, anti-depressants, high blood pressure medications can also be potential causes of ED (2).

Treatments for ED

There are drugs that can treat ED in men of all ages. Some are sildenafil (Viagra), vardenafil (Levitra) and tadalafil (Cialis) ones that are frequently seen and heard about in mass media advertising. According to, these medications increase nitric oxide to stimulate blood flow upon sexual arousal, but the nitric oxide may also cause headaches (3). Oral testosterone may also be prescribed for men who have ED due to low levels of natural testosterone, but it too may have negative side effects on the liver and may also affect other, existing health problems (4).

The P-Shot An Alternative Therapy

Regeneris Medical now offers a revolutionary alternative therapy for erectile dysfunction, known as the P-Shot. The P-Shot is a simple, relatively painless, office-based procedure which utilizes PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma blood-derived growth factors) to rejuvenate the tissues of the penis. Some of the potential benefits of the P-Shot include:

    • Increased penis size
    • Enhanced erections
    • Strengthened and straightened penis
    • Increased circulation
  • Increased sensation and pleasure

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