In addition to being one of the top hair restoration facilities in the world, NE Hair also works with patients to healthily restore eyebrows and eyelashes. Many women undergo the cosmetic surgery to give their eyebrows or eyelashes a fuller, more natural look. Others have lost their eyebrows or eyelashes completely, leaving them with no choice but to restore the areas through surgery.

Eyebrow Tattooing Gone Wrong

There have been many cases of women getting eyebrow tattoos and regretting the decision soon thereafter. Some eyebrow tattoo facilities do not meet the promises they initially deliver, leaving the women who confide their trust in the center unhappy with their looks. So New England Center for Hair Restoration works with these women to give them the cosmetic result they originally wanted.

How Eyebrow Transplants Are Done

Having transplantation done is an effective treatment for eyebrows. We take hair from the back of the scalp, the side of the scalp, or even finer hairs near the nape of the neck, and we use those hairs individually to achieve a natural appearing eyebrow texture. Eyebrows are actually very complicated – their hair is going lots of different directions. So achieving the right feathering is something that requires an artistic flare.  Additionally, the right technique is required to get each hair going the right direction. The doctors at NE Hair possess both an eye for aesthetics and world-class technique, making our center the top destination for patients looking for eyebrow or eyelash restoration.

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