Blonde hair is the world’s second most unique hair color. Considered beautiful by many, people with blonde hair are often models and Hollywood stars. Here are five interesting facts about blonde hair around the world.

1. Canada has the highest percentage of blondes of any country, with blonde-haired people taking up roughly 25% of the population.

2. Blonde hair is more common in children than adults, as many children’s hair turns darker as they age, making many of them brunettes by adulthood.

3. There is no scientific evidence to corroborate the stereotype than blondes are not as smart as people with other hair colors. The origins of the “dumb blonde” stereotype are unknown.

4.  A very high percentage of the children of the Aboriginal Australian tribe have blonde hair. In some areas, nearly all children in this tribe have blonde hair.

5.   The reason for blonde hair is a lack of the natural pigment Melanin, which causes hair to be dark.