It’s a little-known fact, but 21 million women in the United States alone suffer from hair loss. By the age of 60, over it has been estimated that 80% of United States women have noticeable hair loss. Female hair loss is a topic discussed very little in comparison to male hair loss, but it is a problem every bit as real. Females who suffer from balding or thinning hair face difficult psychological problems as well as a loss in perhaps what makes them most beautiful – self-confidence.

Most women begin suffering from hair loss or thinning around the time they hit menopause. When women see changes in their hair, traditionally considered one of the most important aesthetic factors in beauty, they often feel a loss of youth and vibrancy. Fifty years ago, women had no choice but to deal with this unfortunate part of aging. But in 2013, there is a plethora of technology available to restore hair back to its natural state. Why not stand out from the rest of women going through hair loss and thinning by receiving a hair restoration procedure?

At New England Center for Hair Restoration, Dr. Ryan Welter use the meticulous, doctor-proven methods of micro-FUE and sub-FUE. The processes extract hair from the donor areas without destroying them for future harvests. The results speak for themselves. Females who receive micro- and sub-FUE are left with fuller, healthier hair.

With a hair restoration center situated in Massachusetts and so close to Rhode Island, women suffering from hair loss in New England do not have to look far for world-class treatment.

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