1.  Chopsticks as Hair Pieces 

In the late 90s, many young girls and women began putting chopsticks in their hair as a bold fashion statement. The look was so popular that it made appearances in classic 90s movies such as “Bring it On”. Today, however, using chopsticks as hair pieces would be considered a major fashion faux pas.

2.  Side Ponytail

In the 1980s, it was not at all uncommon for teens and even grown women to put their hair in a ponytail to the side. Though the style is commonly seen amongst little kids, the fashion trend made its way into the mainstream amongst starlets in their teens and twenties. These days, putting your hair into a side ponytail would just look silly.

3. The 80s’ Perm

You can’t associate the 80s without images of women with ostentatious “poodle” perms. The look was popularized by celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Madonna. Today, the look is considered one of the goofiest in the history of women’s hair.

4. 90s Pigtales

Much like the side ponytail of the 80s, the 90s pigtales look was a juvenile hairstyle that somehow found its way into the mainstream. Britney Spears rocked 90s pigtales in the video for her first single “One More Time”. In 2013, however, the look would only be suitable on Halloween.