At New England Center for Hair Restoration, our team of world-renowned hair restoration specialists has an impressive record of success in a wide range of surgical hair loss treatment methods.

Throughout the history of our practice, our FUE success rates have ranked well above national averages. The introduction of microFUE has launched a new era of success, making the procedure even more predictable in its results and allowing us to adhere to an even higher standard of excellence. At New England Center for Hair Restoration in Boston, our follicular unit extraction success rates have never been more impressive. If you or someone you love has thinning hair, we invite you to discover the New England Center for Hair Restoration difference for yourself.

What does “success” mean in this context?

When it comes to measuring success in hair transplant surgery, each practice employs its own standards. Some practices consider a procedure a success if the majority of the transplanted hair follicles survive the transplantation process, regardless of whether the results are aesthetically pleasing or the patient is satisfied with the results.

At New England center for Hair Restoration, we base our success rates on:

  • The percentage of transplanted hair follicles that survive in the long term, which at our practice generally ranges between 98 percent and 100 percent among follicles harvested from the scalp.
  • The rate of damage to follicles during transplantation, which is generally less than 2 percent at our practice.
  • The overall satisfaction of our patients with their results. We help to ensure high rates of satisfaction among our patients not only by producing excellent results, but also by establishing realistic expectations from the initial consultation onward. We believe that open, honest communication and straightforward patient education are the foundation of a healthy doctor-patient relationship, and that when patients know what they can realistically expect in terms of results, they are far more likely to be pleased with their hair transplants.

Caveat Emptor: “Buyer Beware”

As a consumer, you owe it to yourself to seek out a hair restoration clinic that can stand by its claims of success. Beware of any hair loss clinic that claims to have an FUE success rate of “100 percent” or “almost 100 percent” without any real evidence to back those claims up. Statistics mean very little without real-life patient testimonials, before-and-after photos, and clinical evidence, all of which we feature on our website and will gladly produce further examples of during your initial consultation at our office.

Learn More about FUE

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