There have been a lot of changes in the technique used to treat individuals with hair loss and thinning hair. These techniques are used to help restore the hair density and maintain a look that appears natural. The main goal is the regrowth of hair that does not look like it is thinning, or appear as an antiquated technique for transplanting hair. There is a new combination method that is effective for both women and men with either a large or small amount of hair loss. This method uses follicle unit transplants and single hair grafts for a much better restoration. This called a follicular unit transplantation method and is referred to as FUT restoration. This is one of the most effective methods currently being used. The procedure for a hair transplant offers results that feel natural so it is not possible to tell the individual has had the procedure. Medical technology has advanced so much recently the dream of hair restoration with a natural look and feel has become a reality.

The Specifics of FUT

FUT makes hair restoration possible. This technique enables just one hair graft to be transplanted at a time. The purpose of the FUT restoration method is to restore hair the same way it happens naturally. There are two different kinds of methods used for harvesting hair grafts. The first is called the strip harvesting technique and the second is FUE.

When the strip harvesting technique is used, a thin strip of hair is removed from the back of the head. The area the hair was taken from is referred to as the donor site. This will leave a gap from where the hair was harvested. The gap is eliminated and the opening is then covered by the hair around the donor site, making it difficult to see.

Grafts are procured from the donor strip using a special microscope. Once the procurement has been completed, the hair grafts can be placed in the thinning or balding area of the scalp for the individual. FUT restoration is a potential solution for anyone with permanent hair loss. This includes:

  • Male pattern baldness in men
  • Both women and men interested in restoring or modifying their hairlines
  • Women and men interested in hair restoration for specific areas of the body
  • Female pattern hair loss in women
  • Individuals interested in using a facial hair transplant to re-shape a beard or thicken the eyebrows

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