With Thanksgiving only a day away and Christmas fast approaching, the time to get your loved one that perfect gift is running out. The idea of a gift certificate to a restaurant or store is cliche and played out, so why not give your love ones, especially someone whom you would like to say a big thank you to, a gift that will really show your thoughtfulness and something that they would remember forever — a gift certificate to New England Center for Hair Restoration.

At NE Hair, we have a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatment options at a wide range of prices. From Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), a procedure that derives platelets from blood and uses them to grow hair cells, to full hair transplants and innovative procedures such as stem cells, we work with our patients to restore their hair back to its natural, healthy state. Perhaps the best part about hair restoration is that it’s permanent — your hair is completly natural and therefore grows the same way the rest of your hair does.

No matter where you are, why not give your husband, wife, father or mother a gift that will last him for many holiday seasons to come? Give them their hair back by purchasing a gift certificate to New England Center for Hair Restoration. Certificates do not expire and may be used for any surgical or non-surgical procedure.

Payments may be made over the phone by calling 855-563-4247, through credit cards, or at our North Attleboro office and through cash, checks or credit cards. Certificates may be printed off of this site for use by following this link – https://d1c40o0u1pbjgy.cloudfront.net/public/assets/images/1079698/image.PNG