Unlike male pattern hair loss, which is usually caused by only one factor, a number of factors normally go into female pattern hair loss. Among these factors are iron deficiency, hormone deficiency, vitamin deficiency, and skin disorders. Because of the number of reasons that may cause hair loss in women, it is of the utmost importance that women get the proper diagnosis in treating their hair restoration process.

For women, the first step we take at New England Center for Hair Restoration is diagnosing the cause of hair loss. We start by talking to our patients, getting their medical history, taking blood tests, and using scalp biopsies if needed. Once we diagnose the problem, we immediately work towards the solution.

Many women come into NE Hair having had the cause of their hair loss previously misdiagnosed. Our doctors are experts in identifying exactly what it is that causes women’s hair to thin or fall out, and from there we are able to provide the best solutions available.

Be excited about styling your hair again. The sooner you come in, the sooner you get treated, and the sooner you’ll have your hair back.

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