Hair restoration is one of the fastest growing fields in aesthetic surgery. Within the past twenty years, hair transplants have gone from being a laughed-at surgical commodity to a respected, natural way of restoring hair. And in 2013, there are hair restoration centers all over the world.

On June 1st and 2nd, New England Center for Hair Restoration’s Ryan Welter will speak at the Academy Masters Meeting held by DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) Global Medical Group – a practice that has locations in 43 countries around the globe. Their locations range everywhere from California, USA to Hong Kong, China, and the practice has restored the hair of over 150,000 clients worldwide since 1970.

Dr. Welter is renowned worldwide for his leadership in the field of hair restoration surgery and research and has attracted patients to his clinic from a host of countries.  If you are looking for a physician with a worldwide reputation, contact Dr. Welter and New England Center for Hair Restoration at Additionally, you can visit our Travel Page to arrange transportation and explore the area’s attractions.