Youre in the market for a hair restoration procedure, and youve heard the hair transplant horror stories that have affected the friend-of-a-friend, or possibly someone closer to you. So how do you protect yourself from a poor hair restoration job? Here are some warning signs you should look out for.

1. A hair restoration company gives you a set price for a hair transplant before an examination

If a hair restoration company gives you a flat rate for a hair transplant procedure before meeting with you, they could be shorting you your potential for hair growth. Hair restoration procedures work based on the number of grafts transplanted. While some people need only a few hundred grafts to getthe results they want, others need far more than that to see natural hair regrowth.

In order to get a realistic price for your hair transplant procedure, you should meet face-to-face for a full consultation. Trained professionals should help determine the root cause of your hair loss, examine your scalp, and map out a plan to restore your hair according to YOUR personal goals, not THEIR revenue goals.

2. A hair restoration center has no proof of patients they have treated successfully

Any good hair restoration center should have a slew of accurate, untouched before-and-after pictures of past patients. Living in the digital age, if a hair restoration center does not have photographic evidence of their success, it could be a warning sign they will not live up to their hair-restoration claims.

3. Centers make miraculous and not realistic promises

Hair restoration is an exciting new field, and some centers have had consistently incredible results with their patients. However, the field does have some limitations. If your supply of donor hair is too limited, you will not be able to restore your entire head of hair at any price.

Rather than just telling you what you want to hear to get you into the procedure chair, good hair restoration centers work with patients to achieve realistic results, rather than making grandiose promises. Ultimately, whats most important is that you are happy with your appearance.