In 2014, we know more about the human body than we could have ever imagined.  Everything from medicine to fitness has advanced to extremely high levels of scientific understanding. And the field of hair restoration is no different.

Ultimately, better technology means better results, and New England Center for Hair Restoration is proof of that statement. At NE Hair, we are at the very front of the technological advances in the world of hair restoration. From our FUE procedure to our stem cells for hair loss, we are implementing and writing the next chapter of hair restoration. And our patients are looking better than ever.

Have you heard horror stories of hair transplant patients ending up with nasty scars following their procedures? Unfortunately, these nasty marks have affected far too many recipients of hair restoration procedures in the past. But thanks to NE Hair’s Micro-FUE technology, our patients do not have to worry about the nasty side effect.

Additionally, our pinpoint detail in replacing hair grafts is giving patients thicker, fuller hair than ever before. Just look at our before-and-after photos. The best part: the hair they grow is their own, natural hair.

So if you live in the Boston or Providence area and you have thinning or balding hair, go with the new technology that is proven to work. Contact NE Hair to see how we can have you looking better than you have in years.

Call NE Hair to schedule your free hair consultation at (855) 563 4247, (855) 5NEHAIR today.