Men don’t tend to think about balding until it happens to them. Hair is a natural part of our appearance from the time we are very young, so until it starts to fall out, we tend to take its presence for granted. When men do start to bald, however, they begin to notice just how many of their friends, co-workers, and family are also losing their hair. After all, 30% of men suffer from some degree of hair loss by the age of 30 while 50% are at some stage of balding by 50.

Balding has been a problem since the dawn of man, but hair restoration is still a new phenomenon. Men fifty years ago did not have the option to naturally restore their hair, so they had to live with receding hairlines and balding heads. In 2013, however, there are a plethora of options to prevent and reverse balding as well as restore hair that is already gone. So why not take advantage of today’s technology and stand out from the rest of men who are doing nothing about their balding?

Next time you go out in a public place around Rhode Island or Massachusetts, look around at the heads of the men you see. Whether you are out on the town in Providence or at a Boston baseball game, you will see many men in the midst one of the nine classification stages of balding, according the Dr. Ryan Welter Classification System, included below. Some of these men are still young and in their twenties. Others are middle-aged. But they all suffer from some form of hair loss. Why not distinguish yourself from these men by utilizing the many hair restoration options NEhair has to offer?

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