If you are balding, chances are your problems are only going to get worse. Balding is largely a genetic problem, meaning no matter how healthy your diet is or how low your stress levels are, you current hair’s recession is inevitable.

Fortunately, in 2014 there are ways to stay ahead of your hair loss.  The only permanent solution is a restoration procedure such as those done at New England Center for Hair Restoration. Not only can it restore hair that has already been lost — but that hair will last you a lifetime. Why? The hair restored during hair transplants is a patient’s own, natural hair.  That hair is NOT subject to future thinning, as opposed to the hair you see thinning today.
So at what stage in your balding do you know to start considering a hair restoration procedure? The reality is that the sooner you address your hair loss issues, the better chance you have of restoring your hair to its optimal state. Hair recession can be a rapid process, and the longer you wait to tackle the issue, the more hair you will eventually need restored. Additionally, the longer you let yourself go bald, the more drastic the difference will be after your hair restoration procedure. This contrast can take away from the procedure’s seamless, natural appearance.

The best way to win the fight against hair loss permanently is to stay ahead of your problems. To plan out a course of action to reverse your balding, call NE Hair at 855 5 NE HAIR to schedule a free consultation. A doctor will evaluate your current hair loss and map out a plan to have you looking better than ever.