It has been a long time since you saw yourself with a full head of hair. In your mid-20s, the hair started falling out and has continued to the point where you have now pretty much reached the end of the process. Since the hair on the back and sides of your head are all permanent follicles, there is nothing much left to lose but a few stray hairs here or there. Losing your hair has been a constant issue for more than a decade now, and you want to get a full head of hair back. This is where the ARTAS hair restoration option comes in. This treatment is changing the landscape of hair restoration procedures in a major way.

No More Strip Scars

Not long ago, hair transplant surgery involved removing a strip of hair a few inches long from the back of the head. The doctor would then stitch up this stripped region of the back of the patient’s head, and it would often leave a nasty-looking scar behind. Today, the ARTAS robot approach to hair transplant surgery is making that problem a thing of the past.

The ARTAS robot carefully selects the best hairs from a variety of areas rather than stripping a whole concentrated region. By removing a follicle here and a follicle there, there remains no bald strip that needs to be stitched up or hidden later. This gives you the freedom to wear your hair any way you like after the hair transplant surgery has been completed. For a lot of hair transplant patients, this one improvement is a sign of relief because it means one less problem they have to worry about having to figure out how to deal with after surgery.

Transplanting the Grafts

Since the ARTAS robot selects hair individually to use in grafts for transplanting, the process of reintegrating the grafts later is a little like the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) approach to hair transplant surgery. What is different with ARTAS is that it has 3D imaging software that can help you and our practitioner plan ahead of time how to best arrange the grafts on your scalp to get the look you desire. The ARTAS system can even determine ahead of time how many grafts are needed to reach the desired goal, taking a lot of the guesswork out of the process.

Getting Started

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