It’s usually the first question asked by all potential hair restoration patients – “how much will my new hair cost me?” The reality is that there are more and more hair restoration doctors surfacing, and some are charging far more than others. So how do you know you will be getting the best treatment for the best money?

One factor you should look for in choosing a hair restoration center is if the doctors use machinery to conduct their follicular unit extraction (FUE). Often times when a doctor uses a large machine to assist with their hair transplant, they charge extra to make up for the cost of the machine’s expensive purchase and use. Doctors who perform FUE manually, such as those at New England Center for Hair Restoration, do not have to worry about these extra costs.

Hair transplant doctors generally charge per graft. The cost per graft varies depending on the amount of hair a patient wants transplanted. If you are looking for a fair hair restoration price, you should generally avoid anything more than $5 per graft.

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