Perhaps the best part of hair transplant surgeries at New England Center for Hair Restoration is that the procedure isn’t time consuming. Many people assume a hair transplant can take up a big portion of their week or month between preparation, surgery, and recovery. But at NE Hair, we pride ourselves on giving patients lifelong results without taking a chunk out of their busy lives.
The start-to-finish hair restoration process at NE Hair is simple. We have prospect patients visit us for a free consultation where we diagnose their level of hair loss and determine a proper course of action. We answer any questions the patient may have and give them their simple pre-operative instructions.
Our surgeries only take one day and are completely painless. Patients can read, watch movies, or simply relax while we restore their hair.
What Sets Us Apart
What sets NE Hair apart from other centers is that we ensure a smooth hair restoration process in every meticulous step we take. Many centers use punches that leave open wounds, prone to excessive bleeding. To stop the bleeding, different fluids are injected into patients’ heads, leading to significant swelling. At NE Hair, using our innovative Micro-FUE process, we plant as we punch, not allowing for transplant sites to open and bleed excessively. Because of this, we need to inject little to no fluids which leaves patients with little to no swelling.
After surgery, we encourage patients to come into our center the next day so we can make sure their grafts are properly positioned and give their new hair a proper wash. Grafts may lose their position in the 24 hours following surgery, particularly in bed at night, so our doctors ensure all grafts are perfectly positioned the following day. While other hair restoration centers conduct surgeries and send patients on their way, we give our patients peace of mind with the knowledge that their hair is being handled with care. This meeting also allows us to answer any questions patients may not have considered. Many patients return to work this very same day.
In addition to in-person, email, and telephone support for our patients, we give them a list of instructions to ensure proper maintenance in the days following the procedure. Instructions are simple and minimal and do not interfere with everyday life.
And finally, we check in with patients every three months following surgery to ensure their hair is growing back to their satisfaction. We continue to answer any questions the patients may have, and we show patients before-and-after photos of their own hair. Patients have raved about their results because of our meticulous attention to detail throughout the entire hair restoration process.
So what are you waiting for? Contact NE Hair to schedule your free consultation today at at (855)-5-NE HAIR, (855) 563-4247.