Although balding is an inevitable part of many mens lives, there are some men who simply dont like their appearance without a full head of hair. For the men who cant embrace baldness, many wonder if hats or hair transplants are a more effective means of improving their appearance.

Ultimately, there are pros and cons to both hats and hair transplants. Lets take a look at the reasons men opt for each choice.

Pros of Wearing Hats

-Hats can be an important part of many mens style. From baseball hats to scally caps, many men enjoy picking out hats to go with the rest of their clothing.

-Hats can protect against the suns rays, lowering the risk of men developing skin cancer in the bald regions of their head.

Cons of Wearing Hats

-Constantly wearing hats can be a hassle. A lifetime of always having to remember your hat when heading out the door is a difficult price to pay for baldness.

-Hats can still show that a man is bald, despite his attempts to cover his head completely. Fedoras, for example, can still show male pattern baldness at the front of the scalp.

-Hats cannot be worn everywhere. Wearing hats at restaurants, offices, and churches, for example, is a social faux paz.

Pros of Hair Transplants

-Hair transplants are a safe, effective way to regain your hair, rather than having to hide it.

-Hair transplants use your own, natural hair to grow follicles in balding areas. So your new appearance will look and feel natural.

-Hair transplants last a lifetime. After getting a proper hair transplant procedure, your hair will grow naturally as it did before your balding.

-Hair transplants can also protect your scalp from the suns rays.

Cons of Hair Transplants

-Some hair restoration centers operate more like a factory than a medical practice, simply trying to perform as many procedures as possible, and they do not use precise, artistic detail to meet their patients hair restoration goals.

At New England Center for Hair Restoration, we believe patients have a right to their own, natural hair. We meticulously perform our procedures to ensure our clients have the head of the hair they desire.

If you are tired of constantly having to cover the bald parts of your head, call us at 855-REGEN-R-8 to schedule a free consultation.