Many people naturally associate hair transplants with men. Male celebrities have been in the spotlight because of their hair transplants more than female celebrities, and hair restoration marketing tends to pitch to men more than women. Because of this mainstream appearance, many women don’t even see hair transplants as an option. This is unfortunate because hair restoration procedures are just as viable for women as they are for men.

At New England Center for Hair Restoration, we work with women to achieve the type of aesthetic appearance they desire. Whether a woman’s hair is thinning, a woman is going through menopause, or her hair is falling out in the shower. NE Hair has the remedy to fix her hair loss problems. When other options fail, the most effective way for a woman to restore her thinning or balding hair is through a micro-FUE hair transplant. Using cutting edge technology, Drs. Ryan Welter and Clark Tan restore women’s hair without giving them the dreaded visible scar that so haunts so many hair transplant patients. .

At NE Hair, we are more than just a hair restoration facility for men. We are a hair regrowth center for everyone, intent on giving people the natural, healthy hair they desire.

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