At New England Center for Hair Restoration, we want our male hair transplantation patients to understand every phase of the procedure they are about to undergo before they commit to it. We believe that patients should have realistic expectations of the procedure and the results they can expect so that they can make confident decisions about whether to proceed with hair transplantation surgery. After all, it is a major decision that will affect the rest of their lives.

During consultations with prospective patients at our state-of-the-art facilities in Boston, the hair transplant results timeline is discussed in detail. Some patients do not realize that hair transplant results are not immediate and that they will not leave our office with a full head of new hair. In fact, many patients are surprised when they learn that they may not witness the full results of their surgery until after a year or so has passed. While individual results may vary, the following general timeline will give you some idea of what to expect after hair transplantation surgery.

The Hair Transplantation Results Timeline

After you undergo hair transplantation at New England Center for Hair Restoration, you will experience some mild soreness, swelling, and scabbing. By the end of the first week, this swelling and soreness should be gone, full sensation should return to the donor area of the scalp, and the transplanted hair should appear somewhat similar to the hair of your beard after it has been allowed to grow for a week.

At this point, the general timeline will proceed as follows:

  • 1-3 weeks: During this time, the grafts that have survived transplantation will have taken root permanently in their new location, yet will begin to shed. By the end of this period, most of the transplanted hair will be gone, which is completely natural and to be expected, as the follicles are entering a resting phase.
  • 1-4 months: Some of the transplanted hair will begin to regrow, at first as very thin, fine hair. During this period, regrowth will probably be sporadic as the hair is not likely to grow in evenly.
  • 5-6 months: New hair growth becomes far more evident. The new hair should grow in thicker and longer. The texture starts to improve during this period.
  • 7-10 months: The texture and thickness of the hair continues to improve, and the new hair can now be groomed. The results of the hair transplantation are starting to look impressive.
  • One year: At this point, optimal results should be reached. While subtle improvements may continue to occur after a year, the patient should have a good idea of the density and thickness of the transplanted hair. He can now style, cut, and groom this permanent hair as he sees fit.

Learn More about Hair Transplantation Results

If you are considering hair transplantation and would like to learn more about the results you can expect from the procedure, we encourage you to contact New England Center for Hair Restoration today.