If you’ve purchased the new Iphone 6, chances are you’ve struggled with the phone’s growingly infamous trait of hair pulling. Across the globe, Iphone 6 users have taken to the web to describe the device’s annoying habit of yanking beards and head hair during phone calls.
While #hairgate certainly hasn’t left any Iphone users bald or without a beard, the yanking of hair follicles has been painful and embarrassing for many Apple fanatics. And for those who have never experienced the embarrassment of hair loss, it’s becoming obvious that balding or not being able to grow a beard can significantly interfere with appearance. While some people may not think of hair loss at a younger age, the facts that the facts that roughly 50% of men begin balding before the age of 50 and that many women lose hair as a result of menopause.
So what can someone to do combat hair and beard issues? Fortunately, in 2014 there are a number of scientifically advanced options to stop hair loss in its tracks. Hair restoration procedures such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) have had excellent results in restoring the hair of balding people from all walks of life. And even people struggling to grow beards have new options now — beard transplants are becoming increasingly popular.
The best part about hair and beard transplant surgery is that the results are completely natural. Most hair restoration centers use patients’ own natural hair – usually from the back of the head, which never naturally balds – to implant into balding areas. And because the hair is natural, it grows for a lifetime.
If you are experiencing hair or beard loss issues – whether due to #hairgate or not – contact New England Center for Hair Restoration at 855-5-NEHAIR to schedule a free consultation. We will diagnose your hair loss issues and map out a plan to get your natural hair or beard looking the way you have always wanted.