Massachusetts is one of the nation's top road-racing states, with hundreds of thousands of joggers and elite runners lacing up their shoes each year to run. But passion in running can often lead to over training, and over training usually means injuries.

As any serious runner knows, injuries are heartbreaking. The physical pain, the loss of progress, and the inability to hit the roads to relieve stress can drive some runners crazy. So aside from sitting on the couch for months on end, what's the most efficient way to get back out on the roads?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a new treatment used by countless athletes around the world to repair damaged joints around the body. The reason so many runners are forced to rest until injuries heal is because the body has natural healing properties that work over time. PRP utilizes these natural healing properties by using a patient's own blood plasma and injecting it at the site of injury.

PRP is an extremely promising procedure. And it is currently  being performed at New England Center for Hair Restoration for runners with injured joints -- particularly knees. If you are in the Boston or Providence areas and are suffering from a running injury, call 855-5-NEHAIR to learn more about PRP. Consultations are free.