Numerous individuals feel like they are less attractive because their eyebrows have started to thin. Eyebrows are an extremely important facial feature and often convey expression. The eyebrows make each individual unique as well as being important for self-confidence. There are a lot of reasons eyebrows can start to thin such as health issues, the aging process, trauma, and waxing. Whatever the cause, the result often leaves the individual feeling unsettled every time they see a mirror. The best solution for this is eyebrow restoration.

Our medical professionals use the most current techniques and technology available for eyebrow restoration. Both skill and experience are necessary to restore your eyebrows so they look natural. The results of the treatment are permanent and your brows will be customized to enhance your features and facial structure. You can have missing eyebrows restored, fill in any bare spots, reshape your eyebrows or add more fullness if they have started to become thin. This is accomplished with the highest quality restoration tools and techniques. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and is minimally-invasive. Your treatment can usually be completed in just a single day.

The transplanted hairs come from a donor site. This is usually from the back of the head. Each hair is transplanted individually to fill in scarred or thinning eyebrows. Once complete, your eyebrows will look completely natural. An eyebrow transplant is a combination of creativity, skill and technology. Your friends and family will be unaware you had the procedure because once the hairs have been transplanted, they blend beautifully with the existing hair. Since the hair follicles come from your hair, they are the exact same color as your natural hair. Your eyebrows will be the ideal enhancement for your expression and face.

Your eyebrows can be delicate, sensual, or strong. Once they are healthy, they will help you express your emotions to amplify your expressions. The procedure begins with a consultation with a medical professional. This is the time to ask questions, discuss your expectations and explain exactly what you want to accomplish. Your eyebrow restoration is customized according to specific factors including:

• Your features
• The thickness of your eyebrows
• The length of the hairs
• The space between your eyebrows
• The shape of your arch
• The thickness, texture, curl and color of your harvest hair

The most important aspect of this procedure is to provide you with eyebrows that match the natural color and texture of your eyebrows as well as your skin tone and hair. If you are interested in receiving eyebrow restoration at New England Center for Hair Restoration, feel free to visit us in Westwood or North Attleboro. We serve residents throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!