Many people want to augment parts of their body. However, these people fear that the procedure may create an unnatural look. Now, there is a popular procedure called fat transfer that offers a natural look results. Below, we will discuss the various ways fat transfer can easily transform those common “problem areas” of the body to create your desired look.

First of all, what is fat transfer?

This procedure transfers excess fat from one part of your body and injects it into an area where that fat will benefit the aesthetics of that location. For instance, let’s say you have excess fat in your thighs and a sunken face. A fat transfer procedure can remove the fat from your thighs and inject it into your face to give you a more youthful. As a secondary benefit, you will lose fat in your legs.

What common problems can fat transfer solve?

There are four common procedures that have been performed on thousands of patients.

  • Facial injection to fix sunken or creased facial features.
  • Improve body contours, remove scars or rejuvenate the hands or face.
  • Create a permanent correction to a previous procedure that involved temporary fillers.
  • Breast reduction or fill in irregular shape caused by breast implants.

What are the pros and cons?

Pros of fat transfer

  • Natural fat is safer than using foreign fillers.
  • It is generally safer than other types of similar procedures.
  • For facial rejuvenation, this is a non-invasive procedure.

Cons of fat transfer

  • The procedure is more time consuming because the fat tissue has to be prepared for injection. Dermal fillers are pre-packaged and can be implanted faster.
  • It is more expensive than similar procedures.
  • It may require multiple procedures in order to achieve the perfect shape or look.


This is a safe and natural way to augment everything from your face to your hands, buttocks and breast. While the procedure is a little more time consuming and expensive then alternative procedures, this offers one of the best solutions to natural body augmentation. To schedule a consultation, call or visit us at New England Center for Hair Restoration, located in both North Attleborough and Westwood.