Many men and women suffering from hair loss or hair thinning are determined to restore their hair to its natural state, but the idea of surgery scares them. While hair transplant surgeries such as Micro-FUE are completely safe and painless, some people are uncomfortable with undergoing the procedures. Fortunately, there are a variety of hair-loss treatment options available for patients that do not require surgery, all of which are offered at New England Center for Hair Restoration.

One non-surgical way to restore your hair is through platelet rich plasma (PRP). Using this method, we take roughly 60 ml of your blood, extract the platelets from that blood, and use those platelets to restore your hair. Recent advances in medicine have proven that growth factors found only in platelets can signal hair cells to multiply. At NE Hair, we capitalize on that technology to give you the best PRP treatment in the area.

Another non-surgical option we offer is laser hair therapy (LHT). Emitting low levels of controlled laser energy, we stimulate follicular hair growth. We use a commercial medical grade laser sold only to doctors’ offices, and we offer our treatments at a fraction of the cost of other centers in the area. While LHT could cost up to $3,700 at other locations, we offer the treatment for just $350 per month ; that includes eight treatments of 30-minute sessions. This option is popular due to its low cost and proven scientific effectiveness.

NE Hair is one of the few centers in the world deploying stem cells for hair loss. New England Stem Cell Treatment Center NESCTC has the technology to extract stem cells from your fat cells we obtain through liposuction from your abdomen, essentially giving two surgeries for the price of one. NESCTC in collaboration with New England Center for Hair Restoration is pioneering deploying stem cells to treat thinning hair and hair loss. To learn more, visit our Stem Cells page.

We also offer an exclusive topical solution, made up of Minoxidil (Rogaine), Finasteride (Propecia) and Aloe Vera. It is a topical Finasteride which minimizes the risk of horrible sexual systemic effects. In addition, the solution is oil based, so you will not experience the drying of your scalp causing itchiness and dandruff.

It is also important to note that the cause of your hair loss may not be permanent. Stress, lack of nutrition, and a variety of other factors can contribute to your hair loss, so a change in lifestyle may be all that is needed to bring your hair back to its natural state.

The best way to find out the cause of your hair loss and the best options for treating it is through scheduling a free consultation with New England Center for Hair Restoration. We will find out what is causing you to lose your hair and work towards the most efficient way of restoring it. Call NE Hair at (855) 563-4247 to schedule your appointment today. Alternatively, if you are from out of state or from outside the United States, we can do a free face-to-face Skype call and at the same time do a Webex consultation.