Years ago, you started noticing that your hair was falling out at a rapid rate. This was not a happy time for you because you always prided yourself on having a healthy head of hair. Like most men, you started to notice that your hair was falling out in that familiar horseshoe pattern. Sure, you tried the stimulating comb you had heard other people were using, but this didn’t really help your situation much. Before long, you had lost so much hair that it was really hard to believe you were this far along at such a young age. As you started looking into other options, it became evident that you’re going to need professional help. When it comes to treating hair loss in men, the professionals at New England Center For Hair Restoration are true experts.

Hair Loss Supplements

When people start to experience significant hair loss, especially men, it is common to try products to help slow and potentially reverse the progress of rapid hair loss. Usually, going off these products will cause the problem of hair loss to resume. In short, these hair loss treatment options tend to be temporary measures for preventing hair loss at best in most cases of hair loss in men.

Hair Loss Surgery

If you have lost all the hair you are going to lose, then you may be a candidate for hair loss surgery. Typically, most doctors will not want to perform hair loss surgery if you are still experiencing considerable hair loss. Since the 1950s, hair transplant surgery has involved two popular methods: Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The first method leaves a linear scar in the back of the head where a strip of hair follicles is removed to be separated and grafted into the top of the scalp. Generally, the FUE method operates the same way, except the follicles being extracted are not done in a strip. The random removal of follicles avoids the process of being left with a linear scar.

The ARTAS Robot

In recent years, the ARTAS Robot was introduced and is now being used to make treating hair loss in men with surgery faster and easier to perform. The ARTAS Robot both extracts the hair follicles and precisely transplants the follicles where they are needed.

These are just a few of the common treatment options. Let our team at New England Center For Hair Restoration help you with your hair restoration needs. You can learn more about how we treat hair loss in men by contacting us today and scheduling a consultation at our office in Westwood or North Attleboro.