If taking saw palmetto pills and eating walnuts every day could really cure all of the worlds hair loss, dont you think it would have happened already?

Hair loss has always been a hot topic because of the psychological damage that often accompanies balding or thinning hair. And in an era where we are increasingly visible thanks to social media, our society is putting more of an emphasis on appearance than ever. But with any new social trend comes aggressively marketed products looking to capitalize on the publics insecurities. And right now, the field of hair restoration is seeing a large increase in these new products.

One issue the medical field has seen in the past 20 years with the widespread use of the Internet is people using anecdotal evidence, particularly from their own research and experiments, to make bold claims about the human body.

While there may be validity to some self experimentation, these types of claims can be dangerous when made by people who dont have proper medical education. Conceivably, a 12 year old could read through medical journals online, draw his own conclusions from them, and then publish his own medical advice on the Internet. When the public takes this medical advice, rather than the advice of their own doctors, they may expose themselves to health risks.

Recently, a man named Jared Gates has been marketing an ebook he says contains advice to restore hair. By taking the right combination of herbs, minerals, vitamins, and foods, he says, any man or woman can regrow hair (and also increase testosterone levels and prostate health, as added bonuses). Gates said he came across this information by reading thousands of medical articles and turning himself into a human guinea pig. And for varying prices (depending on which deal you take), you can have Gates formula.

Is Gates formula finally the natural hair restoration cure the world has been looking for? Nothing is impossible, but with no scientific journals backing up his exact program, you are taking a risk following his advice. Additionally, experimenting with herbs and other supplements without medical supervision could cause a whole slew of side effects based on your current body type and medication.

Ultimately, every person is different, and the only way for sure to solve your hair loss problems is through seeing competent medical professionals. At New England Center for Hair Restoration, we do a comprehensive review of a patients medical background to ensure they are getting proper care when deciding how they want to restore their hair.

Whatever the options a patient chooses, our doctors map out a medically safe plan to allow him or her to reach their goals. Call us today at 855-5-NEHAIR to schedule a free consultation and learn about the medical side of hair loss.