Laser caps assist in the growth of new hair and help prevent hair loss. This device has no real side effects. Laser caps use laser light therapy at a very low level to improve the respiration of the cells and stimulate the cells in the hair follicles. When these cells breathe better, the function of the hair follicle is improved. The result is healthier hair. In the past, this procedure was only performed within a physician’s office or a hair clinic. The device is now available for home use and the treatment can be quite effective.

Getting Started

The process begins with a consultation at our office. An assessment of the hair enables our team to provide the laser cap. The laser cap is generally worn for a specific amount of time that must be followed. The results are usually noticeable within weeks to months. Follow-up visits are important so that the progress can be accurately monitored. Laser caps can be used in conjunction with other treatments for optimal results.

Hair Loss in Women

Millions of women and men across the globe are affected by hair loss. The most common causes are nutritional deficiencies, traumatic damage, fungal infections and autoimmune disorders. The average woman has between 100,000 and 150,000 hairs. In the case of hair loss, an average of 100 strands are lost each day.

Hair Loss in Men

MPB or male pattern baldness is responsible for 95 percent of all hair loss in men. By the time two thirds of all men reach 35, they will have some degree of hair loss. The hair significantly thins for 85 percent. This is usually first noticed as a thinning crown and temples and a receding hairline. This hair loss can be slowed or entirely stopped with a laser cap.

Learn More During a Consultation

When used correctly, a laser cap is powerful, safe and has no side effects. You can learn more information by scheduling a consultation at the New England Center For Hair Restoration in North Attleborough. We are even running a special promotion in April: 50% off of a laser cap with surgery (1000 grafts or greater at regular price). Contact us today to book an appointment!