If your hair is balding or thinning and you are looking into hair restoration procedures, chances are you are considering Laser Hair Therapy (LHT) for your restoration procedure. Because of the innovative way that Laser Hair Therapy promotes hair growth, the media has covered LHT extensively the past few years. Here are the facts regarding Laser Hair Therapy at New England Center for Hair Restoration, the top hair restoration center in the Boston and Providence areas.

Laser Hair Therapy is non-surgical hair restoration method that is approved by the FDA. It is safe and proven to be scientifically effective. NE Hair has a premium commercial grade laser which releases low level controlled energy. It is that energy that ultimately stimulates the hair follicle regrowth.

Who Qualifies for Laser Hair Therapy?

LHT is best suited for patients at an early stage of hair loss and for hair transplant patients. Patients who receive Laser Hair Therapy immediately before or immediately after their hair transplant traditionally see excellent results. The light aids cells in reparation, resulting in more hair. To learn about the science of why laser hair therapy works, visit our Hair Loss Treatments page.

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